Mindful Aging A 3-Week Online Class with Mitra Manesh

about this event

If we stop it, we’re dead! If we continue it unmindfully, we’re suffering. Yes, we’re talking about aging! We all are experiencing it, and we all can grow through it and benefit from it—but how?

In this 3-week applied mindfulness class, Mitra Manesh, UCLA’s senior mindful living educator in collaboration with Mindful Awareness Research Center, will guide you to examine your existing beliefs, assumptions, and cultural narratives about aging, and provides practical mindfulness tools for you to experience this natural flow of life with a deeper sense of awareness, appreciation, and wonder. By befriending our aging process we can directly and positively participate in our experience of being alive. Since all of us are indeed aging, this class is suitable for anyone interested in aging mindfully and open to people of all ages above 16.