Mid-Year Energy Release and Reset

about this event

We’re already halfway through 2023! How are you doing with the intentions or goals you set at the beginning of the year? Where have you been emotionally, mentally, and spiritually these last six months? 

Join Heceliza as she guides you through some self-reflection, a meditation, and distant Reiki to energetically release and reset. Renew from within so you can embody your most authentic and empowered self for the last half of the year. 

For the online event, find a quiet place where you can be on a device with Zoom. Some extra things that would be nice to have with you:

  • journal or piece of paper + pen
  • crystals (if you don’t have any crystals – a favorite object or plant)
  • lit candles
  • water/tea to drink
  • tissue
  • anything to comfortably sit or lie down