Men’s Transcendation

about this event

Calling all Warriors, Lovers, Magicians, and Kings: let’s Sharpen our swords, Open our hearts, Alchemize powerfully, and Refine our edge in a circle of healthy masculinity.

Men’s Transcendation (a combination of Transcending and Celebration) is Souls Enterprises’ exclusive modality: A spiritual gathering of brotherhood, a place to share the depths of ourselves and to transform, together.

Whether you’re brand new to the path and have just heard about Men’s Work, or if you’re a seasoned practitioner and learned scholar of “Iron John” & “Way of the Superior Man”, you are welcome: Gather with your tribe, and let’s up-level together. There is always more.

We will state our intentions, share deeply, and lean on and into each other for support, challenge, accountability, and growth.

9:00 am US Pacific Time

Monthly, third Saturday

RSVP preferred.

Zoom Meeting ID: 323 829 7345

Suggested Exchange: $10-50

Venmo: @SoulsEnterprise