Men’s Gathering Workshop

about this event


We created this workshop for men to come together, to inspire and collaborate with each other. This is a place where men around will not accept your BS, your lies, your excuses, you get really held and seeing and also challenged on the way you act and behave in this world and that is so strengthening. Check out our pictures and reach out if you have any questions. 

Run of Show Description:

  • Guests checking at 4:00 pm at Ceremony Meditation Center
  • Guests are saged and welcome to the garden
  • At 5:00 pm we will move to the nearby park
  • Grounding Exercise
  • Setting Intention and Purpose Exercise
  • Breathwork session
  • Primal Screaming
  • Wrestling exercise
  • Men-Circle Sharing Session
  • Spiritual Painting 
  • Practice gratitude
  • Head out to Cafe Gratitude @ 7:00 pm to fuel up (optional and not included in price)
  • Enjoy dinner, share and connect.

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Let’s move mountains with the hands of those who hear the call and have the bravery to answer it. We are rising!