MDMA and Couples Therapy

about this event

Soon MDMA will be approved as a legal treatment for PTSD, but what about its possibilities for couples therapy? It may seem like a no-brainer, as MDMA is well-known as a heart-opener and as a recreational, celebratory experience of increased compassion and sensuality. Why don’t couples just take Ecstasy together, then? Because MDMA will also bring up whatever is in the way of heart opening, and for some couples, this stuff that has been lurking in the background for years.

In this talk, we will explore MDMA’s potential for couples therapy, the (nearly nonexistent) research, anecdotal evidence, and possible treatment strategies.

This is a live, online event. No recording will be available.


Catherine Auman, LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) is in private practice in Los Angeles working with couples and individuals to awaken their personal and relational freedom. She has been researching and studying the healing potential of psychedelics since the early ’80s during her graduate work in Transpersonal Psychology. Catherine is on several referral lists as a licensed provider of psychedelic integration. Visit her online at