Max Meditation

about this event

They say that for optimal health and connection to self, we should all be meditating two hours a day. 

Sound a little excessive? Yeah, it is for me, too. 

I was never a meditator until I started meditating using the Max Meditation system. Using Max Meditation, I found that instead of having chitter-chatter in my mind and constantly wondering how much longer the meditation would last, I actually… dropped in. 

I relaxed my body, relaxed my mind, and eventually saw that I am so much more than my physical body. I saw that I am limitless. 

It sounds pretty good, right? Read on, my friend.

Max Meditation is a creative blend of both ancient meditation techniques like Tibetan cotodermas (holy words) and modern practices like neurolinguistic programming (NLP, learn more here) and visualization. It’s designed so that brand new meditators (like me, when I started), and the Dalai Lama himself can have a ‘successful’ experience.