Master your Magic

about this event

 Are you someone who knows that you were meant for MORE? A meaningful life full of excitement and joy, but feels stuck? This is for you!

About this Event

You know that life is supposed to be purposeful & meaningful–that it’s supposed to be filled with excitement and joy… but every time you try to do something new it feels scary, overwhelming and instead of excitement you are full of doubt.

So you self-sabotage.

You stay up at night thinking what if? And start playing the when/then game.

  • When I am making $x then I will pursue my dream.
  • When I get this certification then I will get my dream career.

But actually it has nothing to do with the WHENS and has everything to do with the NOW–the present moment.

In this workshop, we will be connecting to the parts of you that already KNOW what you were meant for, the magic you were meant to spread into this world and build confidence in knowing that your unique gifts and talents are necessary on this planet.

No more dimming your own light

No more self doubt.

IMAGINE instead: MORE magic.

Join Breathwork Facilitator Karishma Donde & Confidence Coach Elan Zelenka in this special workshop and learn how to Master your Magic so you can lead with confidence and break-free of self doubt & self sabotage.

Please bring:

  • Blanket
  • Journal & Pen
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • & find a safe space for you to explore your magical self