March 2020 Full Worm Moon Healing Journey

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March 2020 Full Worm Moon Healing Journey with Travis Taylor

Wednesday, March 11th | 7 – 8:30 PM | $20 Early Bird, $25 Day Of 

The full moon in March brings with it a time to bring order and clarity to our lives, even in emotions. With the chaos and intensity of January and February under our belt, now is the time to use the incredible power of the Full Worm Moon to set the intention for what roots we are planting into the ground, as this month represents the time when the earth softens, allowing plants to take root and grow strong and full. This evening will be a guided journey of grounding into our collective roots, pulling up beautiful earth energy into our bodies, and trusting that support as we come into spring. Once grounded, we will invite our higher selves, guides, and the power of the full worm moon to show us what our soul’s destiny wants of us as we step further into the year.


Travis has recently followed the advice he would give his clients, by following his intuition and signs that pointed him to move to Los Angeles.

For twenty years in Seattle, Travis, a long time attorney and public servant for the City of Seattle, has spent one part of his professional career in human resources, conducting workplace assessments, investigations, advising, and training employees, management, and executives on best practices for equal opportunity, inclusion, and how to achieve more equitable outcomes and develop a more culturally competent workforce.

His other career started in 2007, when he first realized, during a reiki class, that he was clairvoyant, could channel information from source, and see, hear, and communicate with the subtle energy systems that surround the human body, and with spiritual beings (angels, guides, animals, and loved ones on the other side). Since then, he’s been guided to learn several healing modalities to complement his reiki practice, that have helped people across the world identify and release the source of a health issue, create more wellness, and live more vibrant, happier and more soul-aligned lives.

With humor, compassion, love, and keen insight Travis has built a heart and soul centered healing practice, and has worked with clients all over the world, providing healing and intuitive sessions, teaching workshops, giving talks, and hosting the Divine Insight show, a radio show and podcast which he developed to help listeners lead more soul-centered lives, and to provide practical tools for daily living. In his award winning show, Travis provides transformational tools for daily living, and channeled information to help listeners and one-on-one clients quickly release energetic patterns that no longer serve, heal trauma, nourish the soul, and empower their lives.

Clients have described Travis as a soul-whisperer, who with compassion, empathy, and love provides a safe space for people to heal. One client said that she received answers to questions she had her whole life and got more out of one session with Travis than over three years of therapy and finally felt whole. Another shared that his show is one of her favorites, and Travis is a wonderfully talented, soul-centered practitioner who is a wise and encouraging guide for her and was an integral part of her path.