Manifest the Life you Want!

about this event

We are always manifesting.

It’s natural and you do it all day every day, on autopilot mode – but when was the last time you were able to do it intentionally?

In this unique and interactive 4-part class I will teach you all the ingredients that are absolutely essential for ascertaining your grandeur desires.

The topic for each week will be as follows:

Week 1 – Getting clear / manifestation clocks
Week 2 – Remove limiting thought forms & beliefs
Week 3 – Havingness / permission
Week 4 – Release / surrender

Week 1
• In the first class, I will literally do a reading on each participant in the call and share where you are on the “manifestation clock,” (readiness to manifest).
• I’ll also tune into specific advice and feedback that will help you to move the clocks forward.
• It’s an old adage, “You can’t rush time.” While this is true, just the opposite is true as well.  There is a lot that can be done to speed up time. On the evolutionary manifestation clocks that is.

Week 2
• In this class, I will provide personalized channeled information as to which beliefs and thought-forms are standing in the way.  I’ll also provide specific guidance on how to remove them.
• Together as a group, I will guide you through a process of clearing and creating a foundation for a new belief, a new thought-form.
• This class will provide a deep ecological shift.  What this means is that the change will be internal.  Affirmations and positive thoughts only are effective when your cells and DNA are in alignment.  

Week 3
• How is your permission level to let in this new desire?  
• I will guide you through energy clearing/visualization to expand your permission & havingness level.
• I will also teach you some tools which will help you to balance and run your energy.

Week 4
• We will review the other steps and then we will conclude with releasing our desire out into the universe.
• I will share a sacred ritual that will help to call the desire in.

Hosted by Shara Ogin, Manifestation Coach & Clairvoyant

To get the maximal benefit of this program, I strongly encourage you to participate in all four classes!  Any classes you miss I will gladly provide you with the recording.

This will be a powerful experience I truly wish for you!  

It’s also great to do this with a supportive group ready to witness the shift occur!

LOCATION – Zoom. Link will be provided following or registration or payment (see below).
DATE/TIMES – 4 Tuesdays’s in a row, 5:00 – 6:15 PST beginning July 6th
PRICE- $25 drop in for 1 class, $55 for all 4 classes

Venmo – shara-ogin

Be sure to include the email you’d like the zoom confirmation emailed to.

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