Mama Glow #SoftLife Summer Series: Healing for Birth Workers – Bronx

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Mama Glow #SoftLife Summer Series: Grounding and Healing for Birth Workers

To celebrate #SoftLife this summer, join Mama Glow as we offer free mindfulness, music, and movement in the outdoors! We are back outside and want you to join us for a gathering space, music, snacks along with free/low-cost services ranging from meditations to tarot readings to yoga and movement for our birth worker community as we gather and take a moment to pour into care within the community to then be of service to others with fullness and love. 

#SoftLife encompasses a lifestyle of joy and ease, a hashtag that originated in the Nigerian influencer community. 

Hosted by Mama Glow fellows Delena Alemayehu and Elisa Kim, each of these FREE sessions for Mama Glow Doulas will feature different Mama Glow community members offering their gifts to the community at large. Sessions will open with grounding with Elisa, lead into the main presenter and practice, and will close with musical tunes curated DJ Neli Nasty (aka Delena) – so be ready to dance! 

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to gather and we are back outside y’all! 

Calling all NYC and Tri-State Doulas! Come join us. And if you are located further away, please feel free to make arrangements to comes your doula siblings!

Mama Glow #SoftLife Summer Series – Van Cortlandt Park, BRONX

Holistic dance & Sound Bath & Journaling Session


Chantal Alleyne, Doula, chef, trained dancer, & cultural event coordinator 

Malia Jones, Full Doula Spectrum

The Practice:

Holistic Dance, Sound Bath and Journaling Session 

Chantal invites you to recalibrate through organic and free movement as she guides you through a holistic dance practice. 

Malia will be guiding you through a Sensory and Nervous System Detox through scents (incense, herbs and sage), a sound bath and a closing journaling session.


What to bring: Please bring a blanket and cushion for your comfort, comfortable clothing for movement. You are also welcome to bring a journal, writing material, and your favorite incense/herbs/sage

Your Guides: 

Chantal Allyene fell in love with doula work as it allows her to serve others and express her love for humanity. She aims to create a nurturing positive and empowering experience during the birthing experience. She also incorporates her experience as a cultural event coordinator, mother of two, personal chef and trained dancer into her work. She uses dance as a form of healing. Specifically she uses the holistic approach because it addresses the body, mind, the spirit of the doula, mother, and baby. 

Malia Jones

Malia is a light-powered woman committed to a journey of wonder and truth. She is a Mama Glow doula trainee, instructional designer, and devoted practitioner of pranayama, yoga, and wholistic wellness. Malia loves exploring the elements through hiking, canoeing, and grounding. If she is not serving clients or immersed in nature, you can usually find her reading, sleeping, or preparing plant-powered meals for loved ones.

Your Hosts

Delena Alemayehu and Elisa Kim are Mama Glow Brown University fellows and Mama Glow Doulas who are committed to wellness and contemplative practice. 


Van-Cortlandt Park, the Parade Ground Athletic Fields near the Van Cortlandt House Museum

Closest transport:

Train: 1 to Van Cortlandt Park-242nd St, Intersection North of Manhattan College Pkwy and Broadway

Buses: BX1, BX10, BX9, BXM3

DIRECTIONS: After arriving at the 242nd Street station, follow signs towards the Van-Cortlandt Park exit. 

  1. Once you arrive at the two way staircase, take a left and walk down the steps. Once you get to the sidewalk, continue walking towards Manhattan College Parkway .
  2. Walk until you reach the next light after Manhattan College Parkway. You should see brown signs that say “Urban Forest, Ecology Center, Van Cortlandt House Museum.” Make a right here onto the park walkway. 
    1. You should also see a picketed sign to your right that reads “Memorial Grove” near the intersection. 
  3. Make your way down this path until you see a sign that says “ Parade Ground Athletic Fields” on your left. We will meet here.
    1. This field is located to the left of the Van-Cortlandt Park House Museum.


Mama Glow #Softlife Summer Series Schedule 

July 8th (11 AM–1 PM) #SoftLife Brooklyn, McCarren Park 

July 22 (11 AM–1 PM) #SoftLife Manhattan, Central Park

August 5th (11 AM–1 PM) #SoftLife Bronx, Van-Cortlandt Park 

More information, or to get involved please email: &