Mama Glow Movie Night – The Business of Birth Control

about this event

Join us for a 30 minute screening of The Business of Birth Control, the latest film from Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein, followed by a live Q & A with Latham Thomas, Founder of Mama Glow, New York’s premiere maternity lifestyle brand committed to supporting women along the childbearing continuum.

Today, over half the folks prescribed hormonal birth control are on it for non-contraceptive reasons like acne, irregular or painful periods, PCOS and endometriosis. Hormonal birth control has been linked to depression, autoimmune disease, cervical cancer, fatal blood clots and other chronic conditions; yet it is still prescribed to otherwise healthy folks as a panacea for every hormonal and reproductive issue.

COVID-19 has amplified the injustices women of color face in reproductive healthcare. Join filmmakers Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein and Mama Glow Founder, Latham Thomas for a screening and live discussion about reproductive justice in 2020.

100% of your donation goes to supporting the completion of this film.

Mama Glow will match the first $1,000 in donations.

Learn more about the film here.