Making Contact With Extra-Terrestrials and Cosmic Others!

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In conjunction with Spirituality Week in New York, the Alchemist Kitchen will host Alan Steinfeld, author of Making Contact: Preparing for The New Realities of Extraterrestrial Existence.

Making Contact presents multiple perspectives from the best and brightest in the field. All are in agreement about what no longer can be denied: UFOs and their occupants are visiting our world. The book answers questions that remain in the wake of the Pentagon’s recent disclosures as to who and why these beings are here. The variety of viewpoints expressed in the volume provides a solid foundation for the “preparation” of the greatest challenge to ever face humankind: Meeting others from the cosmos.

The talk will include the latest developments since the publication of the book and a lively Q&A with the guests and attendees.

Reviews and Endorsements:

“We cannot separate the earth from its greater cosmic environment. What is needed is a new story and Alan Steinfeld’s Making Contact is part of that story.”

Deepak Chopra, bestselling author of Total Meditation

“A well-conceived collection of writings that covers all the bases…[with] some of the outstanding players in the field (of UFOs) whose knowledge I most respect. They share essential information about what has previously defied explanation…one of the best approaches I have found to grasp the most jarring enigma humanity has ever faced.” —

George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM

New Realities are upon us! Alan Steinfeld provides one of the most informed and open-minded overviews of communication with alien intelligence and the UFO/UAP phenomenon in his new book, Making Contact.”

Alex Grey & Allyson Grey, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

About: Alan Steinfeld

Alan Steinfeld is an explorer of consciousness. For over 30 years he has hosted and produced the weekly television series New Realities in New York City. With 70,000+ subscribers to his YouTube channel of the same name, there have been over 20 million viewers who have seen his programs. Including luminaries in the field of health, spirituality and UFOS – such as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Ram Dass and every major UFO researcher in the field. With his media appearances, lectures, and conferences he informs millions about human potential, remote viewing, and the nature of alien contact. For over seven years he has been an emcee at the largest UFO event in the country, Contact in the Desert. He feels that only when the inner explorations of the soul are combined with the outer adventures of the mind can we achieve a harmonious understanding of our place in the cosmos.

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