about this event

“Magic of Mushrooms” is a two night, three day retreat hosted by our stunning property in Cold Spring, NY. Limited to 12 guests. A $450 exchange of energy is asked to attend. If you’re unable to make the full exchange ask us about our work exchange for 50% or 100% off. 


Cold Spring, New York private residence. 

Directions – 60-minutes North of Manhattan. Take Grand Central Metro North to Cold Spring, NY Station (Not Cold Spring Harbor!) which will bring you 10-minutes from the house. Transportation provided from Cold Spring station to house. If driving yourself, directions will be provided. 

About the property – “Camp Moon” is located on a picturesque eight acres with a calming creek and protecting mountain bordering the property. The camp features gourmet kitchen, sun room, hot tub, screened in porch, 40ft in-ground swimming pool, two fire pits, and many modern amenities. You’re going to feel immediately at peace here. For property details – click here


  • Accommodations – shared sleeping, shared bathroom, and all meals. Each guest will be provided with their own cot, sleeping bag, and pillow in shared sleeping space inside the main house or yurt on property – their option. 
  • All programming. 
  • Transportation to and from train station to house. 



6pm – Introductions and tour of property. Plant based dinner and elixirs.

8pm – Grounding and Power Animal Circle.

9pm – Light ceremony.


10AM – Plant based breakfast. 

11AM – Nature hike. Guided meditation. 

Noon – Plant based lunch and elixirs. Cooking workshop. Learn to cook and make drinks with mushrooms to improve your well being. 

6pm – Connect with Nature through Hiking and Cold Therapy

8pm – Grounding and Power Animal Circle

9pm – Main ceremony and fire circle. 


10AM – Plant based breakfast. 

11AM – Nature hike. Guided meditation and yoga. 

Noon – Optional trip to nearby Buddhist Monastery for lunch and visit to Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. 


  • Comfortable clothes and shoes for hiking. 
  • Comfortable clothes for sleeping. 
  • Personal bathroom supplies.
  • Instruments for sound healing and medicine music circles (optional).


Enjoy and learn about over 20 different fresh, dried, medicinal mushrooms as food and tonics during our retreat. All dishes are plant-based. We can accommodate most dietary restrictions – except if you have a mushroom allergy – this retreat is not for you. 

Some of the mushrooms to be tasted : shitake, maitake, enoki, blue foot,  reishi, chaga, lion’s main, cha shu gu, cremini, black wood ear, silver  wood ear, portobello, black truffle, oytser, king oyster, white button,  chanterelle, hedgehog, black trumpet, hon  shimeji, porcini, and more. 


If we go back over a billion years ago, before there were plants and animals, fungi was here first. In fact, research shows the animal and fungi kingdoms actually come from the same evolutionary branch, perhaps revealing why mushrooms inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, just like humans. It’s thought that 40% of the diet of ancient primates was derived from fungi, and strong evolutionary  connection may be a reason why mushrooms provide so many potential health benefits. Today more and more research is uncovering the many health benefits of this superfood.