Lunar Revelry: A Day Retreat

about this event

 Join us Saturday, June 3rd from 12pm to 5pm for a replenishing, joyful day retreat in beautiful Malibu.

We’ll honor the cresting of the Full Moon in Sagittarius with a consciously curated lineup of activities. Sagittarian energy peaking during Gemini season centers our focus on the theme of balance. Our ‘higher mind’ and ‘lower mind’ aspects will come into contact with one another, so we may integrate the lessons and insights that have arisen in our lives during the preceding lunar cycle. A drive to express ourselves and tap into a sense of adventure will be felt deeply, and we have designed the day to help us do just that! After an opening group cold plunge, we’ll move into a mini-meditation & yoga class led by Luz. Then we’ll boogie our way through an ‘Inner Child’ dance flow, set to music selected to evoke the days and whimsy of childhood. A potent breathwork journey led by Jennifer will follow, after which we’ll melt into a state of gentle surrender as we’re enveloped by Clarissa’s blissful sound healing. We’ll close with a ‘Social/Integration hour’, during which delicious tea and freshly prepared food will be offered. All locally sourced, with gorgeous, prana filled vegetables from the on-site organic garden. Guests will depart feeling centered, peaceful, and nourished, filled up on scrumptious healthy treats, sterling self-care and unconditional love. Upon ticket purchase you’ll receive all the info you need via email.   

We look forward to serving you!

 Alternate ticket purchase option: Simply venmo $88 to your co-leader of choice. Info Below. 

Clarissa Rios

IG: @essence.of.riss 

Venmo: @clarissarios

Jennifer Baute

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Venmo: @jennifer-baute

Luz Ferrer

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