Lunar New Year KAP

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KAP & The Energy of Abundance

My name is Rei Chou and I facilitate experiences of abundance and experiences that empower us to live more abundant lives.

KAP is a practice that is both abundant in nature and which enables more abundance to come into our lives through healing, clearing and knowing our true unlimited selves.

Kundalini is the frequency of the earth itself and powers all life and consciousness, including your own. Your breath, your ability to read and understand this, to feel all your feelings is powered by your life-force.

When awakened through a practice like KAP, Kundalini energy can be as big as you truly are; enlivening every part of your body and every possible human experience. As this happens, movements big and small, healing, clearing, enlightened states of consciousness and bliss become possible.

Unlike other practices, you do not DO anything to awaken the Kundalini. You simply lay back and receive. A divine transmission comes through and guides the energy exactly where it needs to go through the body making this practice unique and safe.

Come connect with other incredible beings who are stepping into their lives, purpose, and fulfillment through this work, and experience how vast and powerful you truly are.

This is a special class for the Lunar New Year. The Chinese calendar moves in 60 year cycles with specific energies for the year. This year (the metal rat) marks a year of powerful transformation, focus, collective effort and revolution. Rei will share some insight on the energies of the year ahead and invite us to prepare through this unique and powerful energy work.

This class will be facilitated by Rei Chou

Rei Chou is a facilitator, artist, and healer. She draws on 10 years of experience in convening, facilitation and experience design with organizations ranging from The White House to The Rockefeller Foundation. As a founder of The Feast, she catalyzed thousands of people to gather for meaningful conversations to foster collective empowerment. She has worked for 6+ years as a master level Reiki practitioner working with groups and individuals before discovering KAP. She is passionate about helping each person realize their true heart’s expression by creating experiences that help people realize they’re part of something greater.

Please arrive on time (not early). Doors open at 7:00 and close promptly at 7:15pm. We end at 9:30.


A serene residential home in Marina Del Rey (address shared upon confirmation)

Price: $50 per class


CASH ONLY at door with RSVP to

Each class lasts 3 hours, total. Transmission time is one hour.

Facilitators are also available for private sessions.

For further information about KAP please visit the website: