Lunar Eclipse Sound Bath + Reiki Healing

about this event

Eclipse season often brings an increase in the intensity of the energy swirling around us, and this season’s eclipses  taking place on the Taurus/Scorpio polarity are no different. To hold space for release and regeneration, Robin Doxey and Christina Bryan have created a sound bath infused with healing Reiki light, designed to aid participants in grounding and attuning their physical bodies (Taurus), while cleansing and releasing what no longer serves in their energetic and emotional bodies (Scorpio).

The hour-long experience begins with a Yoga Nidra meditation led by Christina to first ground the body, and relax the mind. Robin will then introduce the soothing tones of a special set of Crystal Singing Bowls that will help the body realign itself to its natural energetic state. As the ethereal sound vibrations flow over, around, and through the room, Christina will give Reiki to each participant one by one, channeling the healing energy to cleanse the chakras, strengthen the aura, and release any blockages that may exist. At the end of the experience, Christina will close out the sound bath with a short re-integration meditation to transition everyone back into their physical bodies and the physical space.

This experience is ideal to empower the mind, body, and soul for self-acceptance, transformation and deep healing.

*Participants will generally be lying down for the experience. If you would be more comfortable in a chair for a seated mediation, please let us know and a chair will be provided.