Loving Your Fears – Workshop & Breathwork

about this event

When our mind, body, and heart are aligned, we BEcome our whole selves.

In this workshop, you’ll be guided through a process to (1) identify some fear/blocks that are holding you back from creating your heart’s desires/goals; (2) gain insight and awareness to how limiting beliefs & thoughts show up in the body; and (3) explore how to bring your body/mind/soul into alignment & open to your inner wisdom (4) close with a deep & transformative somatic breath practice.  


*MUST be 18yrs or older.

This work is NOT recommended if you have any of the following: are pregnant, have severe hypertension or cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, bipolar disorders or schizophrenia, or recent major surgeries or health conditions, or have been advised by your doctor to avoid strenuous exercise.