Love You Like the Sky: Surviving the Suicide of a Beloved

about this event

Join Dr. Sarah Neustadter as she celebrates the publication of her self help memoir Love You Like the Sky at Mystic Journey Bookstore! Dr. Sarah Neustadter will be selling and signing copies of her book after a discussion and Q&A. More info at Mystic Journey Bookstore.

Writing from the unique point of view of a suicide survivor who is also a psychologist, Dr. Sarah Neustadter presents a selection of the emails she sent to John, her deceased beloved, over a three-year period following his death. Documenting the raw emotions she experienced during this time period―grief, despair, abandonment, confusion, and the seductive feeling of wanting to die―she seeks to answer the hard existential and psychological questions: Why is this happening? What does this mean about mortality? How do I go on with the rest of my life without my beloved? How do I heal my broken heart? Will I ever love again?

Love You Like the Sky is a companion guide and roadmap for supporting younger women and men through intense and complicated grief as an access point toward deeper transformation―shifting awareness from despair to beauty.

About Dr. Sarah Neustadter:

Dr. Sarah Neustadter is a licensed clinical and spiritual psychologist based in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, who specializes in spiritual growth, suicide survivor grief, suicide prevention, grief, loss, existential heartbreak, and millennial issues. Her passion lies in exploring metaphysical and existential concerns and helping others understand grief as an entryway into a deeper process of spiritual transformation.