Love Language Energy Transmission: Join For a Very Special Heart Opening

about this event

This Energy Transmission might be like something you have never experienced. It is the opening up to Divine Love Frequencies in their purest form.

I will be opening up the session to a High Vibrational Energetic.

This energy comes me in the form of through my voice in forms of sound/language/movement and the energy is love intelligent, so it know what to do for each person.

These are Divine Circular Language Frequencies which speak to each one’s Soul and Spirit and are aimed at releasing energetic blockages in the body and energy field, and activating our dormant DNA.

In the session you will release the denser energy that is ready to leave your body and energy field and rebalance your energy systems, alongs with your physical, mental and emotional bodies.

The session will create space in the energy field and tend to leave people with a sense of rebalance, realignment and peace/wellbeing.

It is the letting go of all the Debris and allow for your Truth and Essence to come through.

Some Testimonials from sessions:

Barbara, Your channeled transmission was so all encompassing. I felt changes throughout my body but especially from my knees down where a profound feeling of coolness occurred. Your beautiful light language message brought me to tears as you ended the transmission. Thank you so much for this gift of healing and enlightenment.

I just wanted to tell you that 8 hours after listening to your transmission, my knees no longer ache and my legs feel stronger. Prior to the eclipses in 2020, I had not had any issues with legs or knees, but, after the eclipses a deep soreness developed in both knees with leg muscle weakness. I was told that the pain was ascension energy related and that it would pass at some point. The personal transmission which you prepared for me contained the frequencies that were needed to transform my knees and legs and eliminate the soreness. I am so grateful for your healing and transforming gift.

When Barbara transmits her link to high-vibrational Light Beings, translating this energy into languages and sounds it takes me to a blissful, safe place where I feel my soul belongs …. it fills my whole being with deep unconditional love … I find myself shedding tears of immense gratitude. Thank you Barbara for sharing your connection with us and passing on this incredible energy.

Barbara’s energy work has been such a gift, especially at this time. It’s so powerful and has helped me feel such a sense of well-being throughout my journey of healing over the past few weeks. It’s helped me elevate my energy while I process what is happening, to connect with my emotions and upgrade to a higher level of self acceptance and release of what doesn’t match my newfound understanding. While working with her, I’ve found myself getting out of my own way so that I can consciously heal. Very grateful to have found her.

At first when I experienced Barbara’s meditation, I was unsure of what to expect. I went in blindly, not knowing anything about light language. I enjoyed her intro because Barbara is authentic and truly wants to help us. As her meditative sounds flooded my ears, my initial reaction was to question it because it was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. But I figured I was already in the moment committed, so I might as well be open to whatever happens. I relaxed and just allowed the sounds to surround me. After a few moments, I felt strong tingling energy moving throughout my body and all thoughts left my mind. I felt like I was in a deep meditative state, conscious yet elsewhere. Then suddenly the session was over, and this relaxed state continued. That was the first time in years that I felt not in my head but instead I was just being, calmly, happily, naturally. It was like I was a child again carefree, with no worries and with trust in the universe. And this is how I felt even after weeks of being bombarded with terrifying news of the coronavirus, and I also had just experienced deep family loss. I am so grateful Barbara is sharing her gifts with the world. We need more people like her right now.