about this event

Join us in the beauty of sisterhood as we journey deep into our feminine nature, open our body into pleasure, tune into the wisdom of our womb and re-imagine life from this place of deep pleasure, ease and feminine wisdom.

During this retreat you will be guided through sacred ritual and deep feminine embodiment practices to come into the depth of your feminine essence and sensual aliveness for a life of deep pleasure and ease.


Date: May 1-6, 2020 (5 nights)

Location: Les Village, Bali, Indonesia at The Oceanfront Poinciana Retreat Centre

Check in: May 1 at 2pm

Checkout: May 6 depart after lunch together at 1:30pm

Food: 3 meals a day organic & locally sourced produce. Vegan or vegetarian. Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices. The menu is lovingly designed by a nutritional specialist whose philosophy embodies food as medicine.

Accommodation: Shared Occupancy Room in beachfront cottages, private bathroom and 2 pools and ocean at our door.

Transfers: From Ubud to Poinciana, return, included. (Airfare not included).

Investment: $2500 AUD/approx. $1800USD including accommodation, food, transfer from Ubud to Poinciana, return, and all activities.

Early bird offer: Book before March 1, 2020 to receive $100USD off Yoni Mapping Session post retreat with Mariam. There are a limited number of Yoni Mapping Sessions available. Bookings for Yoni Mapping Therapy Sessions for those booking after March 1 will only be taken AFTER March 1, IF there are sessions available.


A return to your erotic innocence and your body as the sacred temple.

Through sacred ancient Tantric Rituals of initiation and remembering, we will reclaim our erotic innocence, heal the chasm between our sex and spirituality and step into the fullness of our mature feminine sexuality.

Receive the healing gift and transmission of empowered, heart-centred sisterhood.

Heal the wounds of the feminine and step into your authentic voice.

Connected to the wisdom of your body, your feminine nature, your womb, your yoni, sexuality and sensuality as a POWERHOUSE OF YOUR LIFE!

I will be taking you through are POWERFUL embodiment practices to re-connect you deeply to your womb wisdom and feminine listening.

Your WOMB- not only takes you directly to your truth from the core of your being, cutting through the mind, but will ALWAYS guide you through the path of greatest pleasure with EASE and GRACE. Our womb holds the wisdom for our everyday choices, from what to wear, through to who and how to choose our partner and our soul purpose.

Free, alive in your body and overflowing in your feminine creative life force energy, orgasmicness and flow in life, FOR LIFE!

The practices that you will learn include:
Sexual energy cultivation,

Activation and womb/yoni health,

Tantric and Taoist practices and rituals

Yoni Anatomy and class on orgasm

Yin, Nervous System Restoration, healing from trauma, for life long pleasure

Yoni Egg Practice

Yoni Dearmouring

Sex Magick

Manifesting Through Pleasure- Life Mastery Module

The rituals I will be taking us through will open and entirely transform your relationship to your yoni, womb sexuality and feminine pleasure.

Whilst the embodiment practices are the life long practices that you need as a woman, through out the course of your life to remain connected and overflowing in your creative flow energy, abundance and your orgasmic energy expansion. You will have the embodied practices needed to remain balanced in your pelvic and sexual aliveness for life.

A clear vision of what your life, aligned with this pleasure, looks like for you with an action plan to manifest it.

You will be supported in creating a life plan from this deep seated pleasure and alignment with essence. Your plan will be detailed with action items and commitments you make so that you have a crystal clear and naturally joyful path for your to follow in your daily life to manifest your life of pleausure.

Feeling deeply restored in your nervous system, renewed and programmed for pleasure!

This retreat is unlike anything on offer out there- it is at the forefront of Ancient Eastern Wisdom (Tantra and Taoism), together with the leading and most recent understandings of trauma, the nervous system, it’s affect on the vagal nerve and it’s link to our pleasure.

Our body holds the key. No matter how much we intellectually know, our body will ALWAYS respond from what patterns, memories and energy programming the body. This is the perfectly designed journey to re-program your body for deep pleasure and orgasmicness!

IG: @the_womb_temple