Living in Wonderment – an online 40 day journey to begin the new year.

about this event

– an online 40 day journey to practise intimacy with Reality.

Begin the new year in the most auspicious way with daily 10-minute guided practices, meditations and inquiries for getting intimate with the mystery of our bodymind matrix, within the container and support of fellow travellers on the path, and to allow for a revisioning of what is emerging from the womb of now.

How can we take an inward step to marinate inside the wholeness of our being?

How can we move deeper into participation with the full spectrum of aliveness?

How can we surrender into the currents of life’s creative energy and thus attune ourselves to how life wants to move through us?

When does the course start?

The journey will begin just before the first full moon of the new year, on January 8th.

Course enrolment will remain open until Jan 11th, where you can still catch up with the foundational videos. Temple doors close after we’ve moved through the full moon portal.

What will I learn in the course?

This course will be an embodied exploration of our inner landscape, a journey we will move through together where each day builds on the one before it, weaving intuitive wisdom with practical methodologies.

You will learn how to make an altar and set up a sacred space inside your home, you will be guided through meditations, visualisations, contemplations, subtle-body practices, dream recall work, curiosity activations, creativity seductions and inner alchemy work.

During the journey you will learn practices to empty your field of what is no longer alive and connect with desire through intention setting as a powerful way to unravel what is bubbling alive inside for this new cycle of 2020.

How will I receive the guided tutorials?

The course will run on a private instagram account. After enrolment l I will send you the secret handle to the account which you have to request to follow and I will of course accept you. Every day I will post a 10 minute video on IGTV, accompanied by a written post on the grid (where also fellow participants can comment and be in conversation with each other), and stories to help guide you through the course.

Bonuses: Some days you might also receive a downloadable audio to your email address with for example a guided meditation or a guided Yoga Nidra that you get to keep for life.

How much time every day will I have to commit to the course?

Set aside 30minutes each day to watch a video, either do an assigned practice or journal, and to sit in silent listening.

Daily Lessons

My intention is to make it as easy as possible for you to follow along with the lessons each day and stay looped into the community regardless of how hectic your life can get.

(If you eliminate social media scrolling and Netflix binging for these 40days of committed practice you will be surprised at how easy it can be to carve out 20-40minutes of your day to be with yourself.)

How long will I have access to the course videos and posts?

The course is a 40 day journey, but you will have access to the videos another 20 days after that, to either revisit practices that you resonated with or to catch up.

Some audios and handouts will be sent to you via email and these you get to keep for life.

Global Community

Community at your fingertips for support and accountability throughout the journey, for sharing your experiences and being inspired by fellow travellers.

Who is this program for?

This course is for you if you have been numbing out or in any way feel the call to replug yourself back into life. It will offer a new perspective and a held container for deeper commitment to spiritual practice, both for the beginner traveller with an open mind and for those already on the path, who might find themselves in a bit of a ‘rut’ with their daily sadhana.

Living in Wonderment is for adult humans of all ages and backgrounds. We invite creatives, healers, business folk, family folk, artists, those who find themselves in the in-between spaces, in-between jobs, in-between relationships, those who seek to return home inside themselves and find the juice of aliveness right where you are at, and is tailored for the urban mystic, house holder and on-the-go human.

Your Guide

Rikke Brodin

I believe that the secret to living a life of inspired wonder is to be found right here in our body, in our direct felt experience, in the ever scintillating field of emotions and sensations that are happening right now. I am not interested in the processes that support ejecting and transcending out of the inevitable heartache of living and feeling as a bodymind. I don’t wish to be untouchable, I wish to be deeply touched by life. I don’t want to abandon me, I want to experience God in me as me, as the full bandwidth of raw humanness. And through this course I will share the best tools and practices that I’ve learned along my own path with hopes that it will enrich your experience of living and draw your attention inwards to the unprecedented mystery that is you.



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5% of all proceeds from Living in Wonderment will be donated to Rainforest Trust Australia where 100% of the money goes directly into the real action.

This top rated charity work on the front lines of conservation by purchasing and protecting the most threatened tropical forests, and saving endangered wildlife through partnerships and community engagement, granting indigenous communities the rights to their land.