Light Language Energy Transmission – Cosmic Alignment Solstice Activation

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Monday 21st December @ 12PM

Wow!!! I can you feel the energy of huge excitement! As we finish this year the Cosmic game and support is SO Strong for us to expand!

A lot is being cleared these weeks … and it is no coincidence that we can see the winds blowing strongly, the skies bringing messages and Earth glowing – fully vibrating at a super High-Frequency.

It is exciting for the possibilities and also it might be hard for many … as subconscious patterns, triggers and conditionings are becoming more apparent and visible.

For many of us we are very ready to let these go and come into a space of potential, where we recover all those parts of Ourselves that we knew we came here to Be; our Light, our Gifts, our Talents, and our Innate Knowledge.

I can feel this transmission is going to be amazing … can sense the energy flushing in all over, and just like the transmission on the 12th it is full of Potential and Divine Feminine!

We choose in every moment, with every thought, feeling and action what we want our World and Universe to be.

This is a chance to make Your World & Universe one of Clarity, Love and Balance. And step into your Divine Crystal Consciousness.

This is an intuitively guided High Vibrational Energy Transmission Session that comes through my voice in the form of sound, languages and movements.

The energy transmitted is Love-Intelligent, and it knows where to go for each person – it is like opening a door for the high frequency energy to flow into each one of us.

During the transmission you will release energetic blockages and conditioning in your body, cellular memory and energy field and activate your dormant DNA.

In this process you experience:

– clear density from your energetic field

– energy balance and alignment

– deep sense of relaxation / fullness / clarity

– multidimensional expansion

– Dormant DNA Activation

With Love, Barbara