Light Language and Self Expression Development

about this event

This course is not only for those who already communicate in Light Language and those who have a desire to do so. Although it is likely that the course will activate some aspect of your natural ability to communicate in Light Language, it is also about so much more…

I recommend this course for those who would like to incorporate a greater sense of liberty and ease in their self expression, a tangible and automatic connection to their Higher Self, and a sense of freedom in reaching to create the life they most desire.

Light Language and Self Expression class takes a two pronged approach:

We will be engaging in breathwork, chakral activations, shamanic journeys, Light Language activations and shares to prepare the body to receive these multi-dimensional downloads in a comfortable manner.

Additionally, we will be going through select NLP processes and meditations that allow us to heal identity level limiting beliefs and the traumas through which they have originated. To facilitate this, we will work on our Transincarnational, Ancestrial and current human timelines. This will aid us by giving context to our limiting behaviors and reoccurring life experiences in a way that brings us into greater rapport with all parts of ourselves. Lastly, we will engage in meditations and assignments that deepen our relationship with our Higher Self in a tangible way, whichin turn allows us more permission to create the life we truly want.

In essence, this class prepares the physical body and the psyche to receive and express downloads with ease and confidence, while gaining a deepened rapport with all parts of ourselves, as well as gaining an understanding of ourselves as master creators of our individual reality.

*All classes and weekly meditations will be archived and sent to any student who misses a class.

*There is a discounted price for paying in full, however there is also a weekly payment option available for those who commit to all 5 weeks


“I took Michelle’s Light Language and Self Expression Development course hoping I could learn light language. What I received was so much more! Michelle took me on a journey of spiritual/personal development that included meditations, visualizations, and breath work. Not to mention her amazing NLP exercises. The course was full of beautiful souls and Michelle is a knowledgeable and patient teacher. She has a very centered and peaceful energy. Not only did I learn light language in this course but I learned more about myself and how I think.”