Life as a ceremony – Discussion Panel

about this event

Dear Practitioner,

Do you integrate ceremony into your spiritual work, teachings and everyday practice?

Not all who experience shamanic journeys develop a pathway to live their lives as a ceremony.  

So What does it mean to live your life as a ceremony?

Ceremony is a journey of individual and collective intention, where we surrender to the wisdom of elders, guides, plants and spiritual forces present. 

Yes, You can go on many journeys, but what are you bringing back to your life and daily practice? 

The most authentic medicine of transformation is in the integration of your experience and the results you create from your realizations. 

In recent years, plant medicines and psychedelic journeys have become popular with those seeking deeper meaning, yet many are misguided or not fully supported in the process. For many, this can translate to escaping from responsibility or avoidance (fear) of what really needs to change. 

To be a leader, it’s not about escaping or “checking out, it’s about “checking in” and Incorporating spiritual practices of ceremony, ritual into your daily structure as a practitioner. Bringing this presence with you wherever you go.

In ceremony, many doorways can offer a new lens the perception you have of yourself and the way you relate to traumatic events, unhelpful habits and other aspects of your being that need healing. You can also receive plenty of blessings, insights and inspiration to implement positive change in your life.

While we are being held in a sacred container facilitated by experienced practitioners, ceremony offers us an opportunity to practice presence and strengthen our capacity for love.

OK! so how do we bring this into our everyday lives? 

IS being stuck in LA traffic really become a sacred experience?

YES! If you’re living your life as ceremony…

We invite you to join us in this discussion panel where you will receive guidance on how to integrate the insights and messages you receive during ceremony.

You will receive life coaching tools that allow you to deepen your practice in the shamanic arts and accountability on your decision to make changes in your life immediately. 

For spiritual practitioners and leaders who want to elevate their ability to hold ceremonial containers, we offer a space for you to process and to be witnessed.

In this panel, practitioners Ron Interpreter and Alexander Hill will discuss:

  • Sacred Medicines & Healing Arts – a balance between Ancestral Teachings and Science
  • The Ceremonial Process
  • Sacred work with Peyote, Ayahuasca and Psilocybin Mushrooms
  • The Art of Integration
  • Life as Ceremony

Our team of facilitators:

RON INTERPRETER B.A. – An Entrepreneur, Practitioner, Philanthropist and father to 3 beautiful children Ron is a member of the Navajo Nation with maternal relations of the “White Streak in a Rock” of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, and parental relations of the “Many Goats” of the Navajo Nation. An accomplished Intuitive Practitioner; Ron facilitates a healing modality he calls “Beeh Ji Zhoni – Beauty Within” to set healthy intentions and initiate self-discipline to create an abundant lifestyle. Synergistic and Conscientious nature of being both professional and amiable, Ron has over 25 years of corporate experience in Business Administration, Philanthropy, Human Service, Academic Instruction, and Film / Entertainment. As an Intuitive Practitioner, Ron is employed with Psylogia Institute and operates a life coaching practice that serves primarily Healing Practitioners, Naturopathic Medical Professionals, Motivational Speakers, and other related Spiritual or Wellness Practitioners.

ALEXANDER HILL – Mentor, Speaker, Father and Founder of Man Tribe. Alexander has been following his soul’s call ever since a near death experience 2013 NYC. Subsequently to this awakening, Alexander dove head first into holistic healing, shamanism and meditation. After becoming a sound healer, yoga teacher and health coach, Alexander was introduced to Men’s Work in 2017, when he found a way to bring all of this healing wisdom to men in a practical and grounded way. He realized that creating true authentic brotherhoods is his purpose and life’s desire. Alexander has spent the last few years in full service to growing Man Tribe and its Community of Men, Women and Children. Now based in Palm Springs, CA, Alexander hosts several retreats per year and is expanding the global community day by day.