Let’s Talk About (Sober) Sex

about this event

Join Ruby Warrington and special guest Tawny Lara of Readings on Recovery and Sobrietea Party for a live recording of the Sober Curious podcast.

How not drinking will effect your sex and dating life is one of the most common fears for anybody when they quit – and one of the least talked about. Will they think I’m weird? Will I still find them hot? Will I be shy / nervous / awkward? Wait, WILL I EVER HAVE SEX AGAIN?! All perfectly valid, and perfectly normal thoughts for a newby non-drinker in world that learned to date wasted.

As regular contributor to Playboy magazine, and somebody who came out as bi and quit faking orgasms only AFTER she got sober, Tawny is the perfect person to answer all your (and Ruby’s) sober sex queries. And so, after the podcast recording, we’ll open up to audience Q&A.

Space is limited. Ticket price includes your first drink.