Lecture “Life as Meditation” by Madhusudan Swami

about this event

Madhusudan Swami is a Vedic monk, philosopher and traveler who was born in Africa, into a noble British family. During his youth, he ran a Safari, crossed deserts and traveled the world on his motorbike.

He first arrived in India during the 1980’s, as a member of a BBC filming crew, walking through Afghanistan and Pakistan during the war.

An impeccable gentleman, he was fascinated by the depth of India’s spiritual knowledge but first and foremost by the Saints, who lived the ideals of devotion, service and sacrifice.

A brilliantly educated Englishman, motor biker and adventurer, he decided to dedicate his life to searching the Truth, which was referred to by the Indian gurus and saints.

He visited the most sacred places on our planet and later became a spiritual guide to them. Most importantly, he found what he was looking for: he met a great saintly teacher, Srila Sridhar Maharaja, who was revered by all the spiritual leaders of India and then dedicated his life to serving him.

Yet words are not enough! To feel the fire in the heart of a person, you need to see it! Share the news with friends, because meeting a person like this can change someone’s life!