about this event

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we invite you to feel the SELF Love and ELEVATE your VIBRATION during an evening of meditational offerings that will leave your heart, body, and soul vibrating through the week. We begin with a guided energy healing meditation to connect with our heart and intuition. After setting the intention for the love we want to call in, we lay down for a cosmic, heart-centered guided BREATHWORK session. Divine Reiki healing will be offered during breathwork to deepen the practice and clear energy blocks. As the journey completes we will take a moment to journal about the experience, allowing our higher selves to manifest the self love we deserve. This workshop is facilitated by energetic healers and Reiki practitioners Rona Rodrig and Amanda Scott.

When: Wednesday, February 12, 2020 | 7:30pm – 9:00pm

Where: Sophie Dance | 2501 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90403

Who: Anyone with a heart & soul!

Cost: $30

What to bring: Water, yoga mat, blanket, pen and paper + any item that helps you get in the self love zone, like a crystal or beloved object.

Workshop Facilitators:

Amanda Scott is a brilliant, badass, mystical, magical being who heals people with her hugs and her big, beautiful heart. She’s former TV Creative Executive Producer turned Spirit Healer. She sees clients for dynamically charged intuitive healing sessions or 1:1 & couples Breathwork sessions. Amanda’s intention in her work is based on connecting people to the voice of their highest self. And in turn, helping to further clear the path towards discovering their innermost, unique genius, so that they can start expressing a more brilliant and aligned version of themselves on the planet. Graduate of The School Of Greater Intuitive Healing; The Last Mask Center: Energy Body Mastery; The Breath Zone: Breathwork Facilitator & Reiki Attunement Of Usui Lineage.

Rona Rodrig is a gifted and passionate holistic healer and meditation teacher. She blends her expertise in energy healing, intuitive reading, Reiki, and meditation to create 1:1 healing sessions and unique group meditation experiences for her diverse clientele. She guides clients in gleaning insights into their souls and their life circumstances; helps people connect with their authentic selves, their compassionate hearts, and their life’s purpose; and relieves clients’ physical and emotional suffering by uncovering the deep-seated sources of their pain and balancing the energy in their bodies. Her intention is not only to heal and hold space, but also to impart tools for people to personally advance their own energetic alignment and conscious healing journeys. Rona believes that the healer and the guru is truly inside each of us. Graduate of The School of Intuitive Greater Healing; Auralux Usui Reiki Center; Guided Light Healing Academy; and The DEN Meditation Teacher Training Program.

[Photo by Slava B on Unsplash]