Know That You Are Loved! A Shamanic Cacao Ceremony

about this event

Join Shamanic Practitioners Carlotta Mastrojanni and Hamaima on a journey into the dream time to experience yourself as the eternal, pure soul that you are, forever loved and guided by your unique team of Spiritual Allies.

Despite outward appearances of turmoil, confusion, harshness and dissolution that we might experience in this world, know that the love that is shared with you is unconditional and has no limitations.

Enhanced by the plant medicine Cacao and sacred sound you will have the opportunity to make peace with old stories, difficult memories and feelings of guilt and shame in order to create a joyful and abundant life from a place of loving awareness.

Instead of getting caught up in the games of the mind join into the joyful dance of the heart and share your love with kindred spirits.

A truly uplifting and empowering experience for everyone.

Please let us know beforehand if you take medication, are pregnant/ breast feeding or suffer from any health conditions.

This events takes place at Alquimia Wellness in Ojai

Cost $45

We are looking forward to sharing sacred ceremony with you ✨❤️✨