about this event

 Auspicious DAY OUT of TIME in the Mayan Calendar to feel our LIMITLESS!!! Surrender to the KUNDALINI transmission & feel your VAST Greatness

About this event

During a KAP transmission, your natural state of consciousness will adjust to a higher frequency which connects you to your original essence providing DEEP HEALING.

Come receive this nourishing, celestial, self-healing energy on such a POWERFUL DAY to START A NEW!!!

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SURRENDER to the amplifying energy the Universe is providing on this day and receive the KUNDALINI Activation transmission. AUSPICIOUS Day out of TIME to expand and experience your LIMITLESS self.

The Day out of Time is held on the 25th of July every year, as part of the Dreamspell version of the Mayan Calender. The concept of being out of Time is like the feeling of being in a state of timelessness, a feeling that we don’t get to experience too often when the tick tock of a clock is ever present in our everyday world.


On the 25th we focus on creativity, peace, and stop business as usual – at least for a short moment of peace and presence.


We will tune in to the vast cosmos, and the life-giving energies like a rainbow, and receive and send it out.


Although the Mayans’ sophisticated and insightful calendar system was the most advanced in the world, this day is also celebrated all around the world by people of all cultures. Ancient cultures were in tune with nature, and they knew the importance of this day.


Around the world on this day (mostly indigenous) people who recognize the importance of being attuned to the natural rhythm of time know that today is a day that does not fit into the true calendar, and is important to be aware.


This day precedes the start of the NEW CYCLE… so it is also important to prepare for the next year, and shed the old heavy energies you carry in your thoughts and feelings.


Emotional LIBERATION, increased clarity and focus, feelings of unconditional LOVE, renewed BALANCE within oneself and the external environment, HEIGHTENED of physical & mental energy, AWAKENING of spiritual gifts and more. KA has the potential to induce transcendent states of awareness as well as facilitate deep personal healing.

My personal favorite is Development of Spiritual Gifts.


During a KAP session, Kundalini Energy, “LIFE-FORCE Energy” is activated in a safe and secure way via TRANSMISSION while you lay down and SURRENDER.

YES, a gentle FEMININE modality of RECEIVING the amount of energy one is prepared to deal with and integrate in the vital system. In this way, one is never at risk of going through the shock of any sudden AWAKENING that we are not prepared for.

It is a direct transmission of Kundalini that supports the awakening of your own, innate, Kundalini energy. This is an intelligent energy, and a safe, natural process that does just what your system needs in any given moment.

This is an energy transmission, not a self-generated process, meaning you only need to lay back, relax, and receive in order to benefit from the practice. It is the path of surrender (not a path of the will) that creates possibilities for healing, higher states of consciousness and a deeper connection to All-That-Is.


Activated Kundalini may has a profound impact on your well being and bring you back to your center, to equanimity. Throughout all of time, spiritual seekers have initiated kundalini process to begin the ascent of this energy up the spine, which eventually leads to spiritual enlightenment. KA may increase awareness, mental clarity, lower anxiety and/or depression, relieve body aches and/or pains, release stagnant energies and emotions, help to clear traumas, and access higher states of consciousness.


To experience KUNDALINI ACTIVATION (KAP) no previous experience, physical ability nor spiritual practice is required. KAP is suitable and beneficial for anyone who would like to try out the unique experience of feeling in touch with their innermost selves again. The experience will re-connect them to their VITAL ENERGY and gradually sweep away those ENERGETIC BLOCKAGES caused by dense life experiences like stress, bad habits or traumas.

The only ability required is to SURRENDER.


  • Home – Find a place where you can lay down on a solid flat ground if possible. Avoid using a pillow. It’s better if your back is straight.
  • ZOOM – download app on your laptop, tablet, or phone
  • Camera – Set to show your head and half your body at least. 
  • Sound – Very important to be able to hear the music loud. It’s okay to wear ear pods. 
  • Light – You may wear an eye cover if that’s a preference. However, it is required to maintain your eyes closed at all time to go within.
  • Food – Do not eat anything for at least 1.5 hours prior to the session. Preferably 3 hours. Drinking water is okay. Avoid caffeinated drinks. 
  • Attire – Comfortable clothes where you can move around in the ground, stretch your arms and lift your legs. No shoes. Wear clothes that will keep you warm since body temperature drops when you’re laying down.
  • Alcohol – Avoid for 24 hours prior to the session if possible for best results. 


While laying down on a yoga mat, music is played and the facilitator will point at different chakra or meridian points on the body. Be sure to keep your eyes closed during the entire session. All you need to do is relax your body and mind, and surrender to the process without expectations. Allow whatever arises to be experienced and expressed.


1 Zoom link will be sent through Eventbrite

2 Position your yoga mat and webcam at least 5 minutes beforehand

3 Sign in to Zoom early or on time, please

4 Greetings and brief introduction

5 You lay down, we start music and the transmission

6 Closing share


By changing your vibrational field, your natural state of consciousness will adjust to a HIGHER FREQUENCY which connects you to your original divine essence.

You may feel the energy for the next couple of days. Pay attention to any internal changes and your behavior. You may become more sensitive and feel more connected to your inner wisdom. It’s important in the following days to be aware of your energy levels and to listen to what your body tells you. For example, you may need more rest, or crave different foods, dreams can differ, or sleep can become deeper. You may experience more clarity or insight. The after effects vary amongst individuals.


Activated kundalini has the tendency to bring us back to well being. Beyond the dimension of your rational thinking brain, all of your worries and concern, and your personal history; there is a dimension of consciousness that rests in eternal awareness and in THIS place we know that every circumstance is temporary. In this place is PEACE, BLISS, EASE from suffering, and a truly divine remembrance.

A kundalini transmission is a profound form of energy work which has the capacity to help bring you back to center and even awaken your own energy system for greater stability and power in your every-day life, outside of the container of the class.



I was born in the sacred land of Peru and raised by a devotional grandmother. I’m the daughter of a powerful highly intuitive Peruvian Mother who is a natural born shamanic healer. My father is an indigenous artisan and andean music artist. I myself was born with my own unique healing gifts that awakens stronger each day.

In only the last two year I’ve spent much time in Bali and Egypt before returning to my roots in Peru doing sacred spiritual work. I’ve been on a fast evolutionary growth lately which many of us are being initated into, which is probably why you’ve landed on this page.

After receiving the KAP (Kundalini Activation Process) transmission from master founder Venant Wong in Costa Rica, I received a Quartz transmission in Egypt, from Acelyone which is the central Sun, our solar system orbits every 26,000 years. It is the Galactic Gateway to the Galactic Center.

To read more in extent about my spiritual history and travels, visit my website.

Some of the Programs I host and have concluded are:

  • Host of, “All Things Spirituality” podcast
  • I AM (Yo Soy) Path – Graduate of the one year and a half program under master teacher, Matias de Estefano out of Cairo, Egypt.
  • Master Energy Healer – Graduate of the one year Life Force Energy school.
  • Self Realization Fellowship – 10+ years life student of the teachings of Ascended Master Paramahansa Yogananda on Kriya Yoga.
  • Kundalini Yoga Teacher – Graduate of the one year kundalini training
  • Kriya Yoga Practitioner +10 years
  • Reiki Practitioner +5 years
  • Energy Healing Techniques Teacher
  • Ayurveda Practitioner – Yogic Science of Life
  • Meditation Techniques Teacher
  • Breathwork (Pranayama) Techniques Teacher
  • KAP – Kundalini Activation Process facilitator training in Costa Rica
  • INITIATIC PATH – Along the temples of the Nile River, Egypt

I look forward to our KUNDALINI ACTIVATION session.

Light and Love,

Maria Palomino

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