KAIA: Awaken your Embodied Erotic

about this event

This workshop is for womxn-identifying beings to explore The Kaia Method as a portal into embodying our authentic sensualities. The Kaia Method is a meditative dance journey that works dynamically with the body’s meridian systems to release stagnant energy on a neuropeptide level. This occurs while deep states of embodiment shift our brainwaves from the beta chatter of the mind into deeper alpha and theta states of oneness, freedom and harmony.

This particular Kaia flow works intimately with our sacral chakras, and kidney and bladder meridians, to transmute relevant stagnation, while we find vast freedom in the exploration of our authentic creative and wild erotic natures.

Kaia does not require any formal dance experience, as it is not a traditional dance class, by any means. The “dance” we refer to as Kaia is the movement that comes from the depths of the soul, and it is our birthright to allow our spirits to move and be moved in this way. Kaia merely opens the portal.

Kaia sets us free. Kaia brings us home.

The Kaia Method is expanding rapidly around the globe as people’s favorite daily mindfulness practice. Kaia Movers call their experiences “deeply transformative” and “life changing”. Join us, and experience for yourself, the movement within you.