Kaia – A Meditative Dance Journey Home

about this event

The most potent embodiment practice for holistic transformation returns to Los Angeles. 

The Kaia Method is a meditative movement journey that works directly with the body’s energy systems to cathartically release resistance and carry us into expansive states of aliveness. Kaia works dynamically with the body to gently transmute stagnation and free the bodymind. This occurs while deep states of embodiment carry us into higher states of consciousness. 

This is an introductory class that releases stagnation throughout the body’s meridians, while moving us into profound states of self acceptance and freedom. This is the perfect space to develop an understanding of the method, and to deepen your relationship with your body and truest self.

Kaia is a workout of the whole human, – the physical, emotional and spirit bodies. 

Your body carries infinite wisdom. Are you ready to listen? 

If so, come dance your way home with us.