July Nourishment Session

about this event


Welcome to our first nourishment session in the Conscious Creators Club ! These free sessions happen every month for members of the CCC. To learn or join us, click here.

I think that we all have so much to learn from each other so I want these gatherings to be all about sharing and meeting one another and exchanging our thoughts, needs and checking in with how we can help each other grow in all ways.

This month I want to talk about Uncertainty + Potentiality and how we have been able to or not been able to play with that frequency within our businesses and offerings that we all share. It’s important that we share about not being able to see uncertainty as potentiality, because there are also systemic, cultural and other inequalities actually preventing some to work through uncertainty and in those cases, we need to know how to support moving through that space.

Here’s a rough flow of how we’ll spend our time together :

  • Investigate and discuss the frequency of Uncertainty + Potentiality : are they the shadow and light of the same channel ?
  • I will share Conscious City Guide’s recent story of Uncertainty + Potentiality
  • We’ll hear from CCC members on their experiences
  • Tune in : I’ll guide us through the uncertainty + potentiality channel. We’ll re-calibrate and hold space for the spectrum of it’s experience
  • We’ll take some time to meet CCC members and hear about what they share on Conscious City Guide
  • We’ll have time for CCC members to share what they are calling in at the moment. You might just receive what you’re calling from another member ? Let’s share !

Please if you can, I invite you to join us live so you can participate in the interactive parts and share. If you are joining us live, you’ll be asked some questions on check out so we can help make this session flow. If you can’t join us live you’ll find the recorded session in the CCC member portal sometime after the session.

Can’t wait to see you all in the Zroom 🙂