Japa Meditation Course (4 Day: Sept 26-29, 2022)

about this event

Held in-person and via Zoom over 4 Sessions (For both existing Vedic Meditators + non-meditators with zero experience)

What is Japa Meditation?

First things first, Japa meditation is very different than Vedic Meditation-The Foundational Practice.

Japa is a practice we use with clear intention and focused effort to help correct the mistaken intellect, refine our contemplative thinking spectrum and enhance specific fields of awareness/consciousness. On the other hand, Vedic Meditation is designed to be effortless and expand the mind beyond thought all together. Two techniques that compliment each other quite powerfully, but are not interchangeable.

Japa is an active meditation. We can look at Japa as our strength training outside of a daily deep meditation.

Japa means “rotate” and in this practice we move our fingers over a string of beads (called a mala) to focus awareness + concentration as we repeat the mantra. Every time we complete a repetition of the japa mantra, we move to the next bead. A full mala has 108 beads and a full Japa is 108 cycles of the mantra. It is recommended to own a mala, but it is not requiredto take the course (as I will be using one for you to lead you through the direct experience.)

Japa Meditation counters the mind’s tendency to become overwhelmed by the continuous stream of inner chatter. As one slowly moves along the mala with the mantra, the mind becomes rooted in that same unhurried, calm movement.

Japa Meditation directs awareness into a clear focus, both objectively and subjectively.

If you are joining this course without a foundational deep practice that is completely fine; you will discover a lot of benefit and enhanced thinking from this Japa practice. If you do have a foundational deep meditation practice, you will certainly find both to be a powerful combo (done separately, of course!).

The Course Breakdown

In this course we will be working with the mantras for the higher values of Ganesh (for protection and removing obstacles), Durga (defeating ignorance), Lakshmi (abundance and ease), and Saraswati (supreme knowledge and grace).

  • 4-Day commitment
  • Investment: $500
  • Full Payment
  • Payment to www.venmo.com/YashodaDeviMa
  • Zoom + In – person
  • 20 max in-person seats
  • unlimited online seats

Course Dates:

  • Mon. Sept 26, 6-8p MST
  • Tues. Sept 27, 6-8p MST
  • Wed. Sept 28, 6-8p MST
  • Thurs. Sept 29, 6-8p MST

Course Flow:

1st session –

  • Intro to the Mind
  • Intro Mantra + how to use it in Japa Meditation
  • Open with Ganesha Mantra of Protection

2nd session –

  • Open the space with shared experience
  • Durga (Mantra + Consciousness Field Understanding + High Values birthed into awareness)
  • Practice
  • Q&A

3rd session-

  • Open the space with shared experience
  • Lakshmi (Mantra + Consciousness Field Understanding + High Values birthed into awareness)
  • Practice
  • Q&A

4th session –

  • Open the space with shared experience
  • Saraswati (Mantra + Consciousness Field Understanding + High Values birthed into awareness)
  • Practice
  • Q&A