Introduction to Chinese Medicine with Bonnie Crotzer of Ghost Flower

about this event

The wellness sphere, while enlightening and encouraging, can also be overwhelming when deciding which practices are best for you. The options seem endless. Chinese medicine stands out in this realm, considering it has been practiced for over three thousand years and thoroughly studied for its efficacy by western science.

This panel will discuss how to simplify and incorporate this ancient wisdom into our daily lives through practices that help us feel empowered around our own health. Learn about acupressure points, aligning with the seasons, and utilizing readily available herbs and teas to support yourself.

About Ghost Flower:

Ghost Flower is a new Activewear brand inspired by Chinese Medicine. Our mission is to make Chinese Medicine and all its benefits more accessible and fun by translating this ancient wisdom into daily practical use for you. By placing key pressure points and meridians onto the clothes, Ghost Flower empowers you integrate simple self care practices that will uplevel your wellness journey.


November 6th | 6:30-8p

Clean Market

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