Introduction to Ayurvedic Medicine ; an 8 weeks course

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Introduction to Ayurvedic Medicine with Noël Graupner

Ayurveda is a functional medicine which examines active principles that coordinate the layered relationships between ecosystems that make up all parts of Nature. As humans beings, we are a part of Nature, integrated within our environment. In every moment, we are being influenced by the qualities of infinite external factors and we are influencing them, too. 

We compose our body/minds with life-making material from the environment through food we eat, sounds we hear, aromas we smell, imagery and light we see and climates we expose our skin to… ! Our experience of life is a product of the unfolding process of exchanging qualities. Ayurveda has identified these qualities, and teaches us how to choose which ones to associate with, in what quantity and at what time. Both a science and an art of living, Ayurveda helps us to maintain a dynamic harmony with Nature’s rhythms.

Each one of us has a unique form (mind/body structure). Form follows function and context influences both; as such, understanding how you operate is essential to making the intelligent decisions that optimize functioning of your physiological and psychological processes. The result is an internal condition where the symptoms of health — happiness, peacefulness, and longevity — arise naturally. 

As a system of self-healing, Ayurveda is unparalleled. Its concepts are profound within their simplicity. Its application, based on common sense, is easy to adopt. Once you understand even just the fundamentals of this system, your perspective – visceral, sensorial and embodied – changes forever and healing becomes possible.

This course will familiarize you with the principles of Ayurvedic medicine that teach what your unique mind/body structure is made of and how it functions. The goal of this course is to provide a foundation for recognizing dysfunction, then properly identifying the dietary, lifestyle, herbal, societal, and environmental tools which can be used as medicine to return your organism to a state of your choosing. 

Each class will be a lecture followed by Q+A and may be taken individually or as a comprehensive course (recommended). Recommendations specific to what we are learning (challenges!) will be given between classes so you can begin practicing and living Ayurveda. Class notes will be emailed to those registered, and recordings will be available for 6 months. A group WhatsApp Chat will be available for questions and support.

Classes run 7-9PM EST on Zoom. 

Zoom links will be emailed on the day of class. 

Full Course | $275

Single / Drop-in Class | $35

*course and classes by donation available to those in financial hardship: please contact me directly at to discuss.  


  • Class 1: November 2 | History and Modern Application of Ayurveda: What is Health & Disease?
  • Class 2: November 9 | Functional Principles of Nature: The Doshas
  • Class 3: November 16 | How to Use Time Medicinally: The Ayurvedic Clock
  • Class 4: November 23 | How to Use Food Medicinally: The 6 Tastes + Food Sadhana 
  • Class 5: November 30 | From What and How is the Body Composed? Tissue Layers, Agni + Digestion
  • Class 6: December 7 | How Does Disease Develop? Ama + Pathogenesis
  • Class 7: December 14 | Medicine For The Mind: Sattva
  • Class 8: December 21 | Q&A and Review + Special Topics (by student request)

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