Intro to Meditation

about this event

Free 1 hour lecture + Q&A + guided breathwork practice, designed for anyone interested in learning more about meditation. I’ll also speak about the Śabda technique I teach, which is an easy, self-sufficient practice you can do anytime anywhere without any accessory device.


Whether this is your first formal exploration of meditation, or you’re a short, mid- or long term practitioner of any of these time-honored teachings, this introduction will offer you an overview of what’s been popularized in the wellness market today, as well as orient you to the history of these practices and the context in which they were revived. I’ll also share with you an overview of what I teach in the expanded version of this course, the Śabda Meditation technique.

By the end of this class, you’ll have been introduced to time-honored wisdom around meditation techniques, especially those coming from Vedic and Tantric traditions, and a few essential tools to refine your discerning faculty in identifying a practice best suited for you.

This is not an initiation into or instruction on technique; rather, it is an orientation that serves to demystify what the practice of meditation actually is and what you can expect in preparation for your course of study.

What You’ll Learn in This Introduction

– What is Meditation
– Why We Meditate / The Benefits of Meditation
– The Relevance of Different Techniques of Meditation
– Getting the Most Out of Your Practice
– Getting Started / What’s Next?

I’ll also guide you through a quick breathwork practice as time permits.

A B O U T . C A T R I N A . A R M E N D A R I Z

Catrina Armendariz is the founder of Napua. She has been practicing yoga (and meditation) since she was 4 years old, that’s about 30 years, and teaching for 5 years. The practices she shares are from the Vedic and Tantric wisdom traditions, and are rooted primarily in and informed by Ayurveda – “the science of health & longevity” and Jyotish – “Vedic astrology”.

She works with all populations and maintains a special interest in supporting women’s health.

She thanks her Vaidyas, Gurus and Acharyas for passing on this supreme wisdom and sharing the keys to opening the doors of bliss within.


Evolving at the convergence of beauty and being, Napua is a virtual ashram: a home for simple self-care rooted in the world’s most ancient, time-honored traditions. Welcome yourself home. Experience deep rest. See with profound clarity.

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