Intro to Dance From The Heart: A Fully Guided Dance Meditation Practice

about this event

Dance From The Heart is a gentle guided free-form and trauma-informed movement practice created by Sophia Kozak of Critical Mass Dance Company. It comprises 7 simple steps to help you manifest your heart’s greatest desires. This intro class series will be inviting you to discover the magic and transformational quality of a gentle moving meditation practice. Each week will be a 90 min class set to a mindfully curated playlist, led by conscious dance and embodiment facilitator, Janet Lo

Through this gentle heart-opening ritual, I will guide you to connect your breath to the flow and energy of the elements, with simple steps and directional cues. I will invite you to ground, connect, release, refill and embody all that you are and have to offer the world, holding spaciousness for you to process, and breathe through whatever may be, with free movement. 

Join our sacred circle as we come together in community to create a container of time to connect with each other and the present moment.  

Making time to slow down, and check in with yourself can be challenging if you don’t have space or support to feel held and safe in your own body. Whether you’re experiencing stress or burnout from a busy schedule, readjusting to post-pandemic life, caretaking, or from the effects of living through, surviving, and/or resisting unjust socio-political-economic systems of oppression …

I see you, I feel you.

Sometimes what we may need is a space to just show up and allow ourselves to be, to lovingly invite ourselves to go inward and remember our true nature.  

I have spent many years building tools of resiliency through embodiment practices for myself, and now I am here to share them with you and excited to be leading movement classes in person once again.

No previous dance experience is necessary, open to those seeking grounding, connection, and release of tension or stress in their bodies through gentle loving movement.


Thursdays Beginning Oct 6 – Nov 17 @ 6 pm PT

Woman’s Club of Redondo Beach

Sign up for a drop-in class or for the whole series if you want to build upon the previous week’s experience!

What You Get:

– A Fully Guided 90 min Group Class Experience

– Time & Spaciousness for yourself to tap into your heart’s process

– Space to be witnessed and held in your whole body truth

– Time to connect with each other

Structure of Each Class:

– Opening Ritual + Intention Setting

– Grounding Meditation

– Movement Demo

– Dance From The Heart (with a different playlist each week!)

– Cool Down + Closing Circle

Cost Exchange:

Sliding Scale $30 – $50 per class, Suggested donation $40, (Pay What You Can option is available)

(If you would like to sign up for the whole series, you’ll need to purchase a ticket for each date on Universe)

or contact me to save on some fees for the whole package of 7 classes! 


Feel free to email me with any questions or if you have/need an alternative payment method

About your facilitator:

Janet Lo (she/her/they) is a second-generation Chinese Canadian ex-pat with an extensive background in Theater, Dance + Food Television Production. After over a decade of work, burnout, and trauma in the industry, she is now focusing on guiding heart-centered healing for redefining safety and relationship to the body. Janet leads embodiment workshops with the heartfelt intention of creating safe and brave spaces for healing and transformation.

Wishing she had more access to emotional literacy and self-awareness tools growing up, she is passionate about sharing them with those who are ready to dive into self-discovery. Through ritualizing and prioritizing ease of movement, rest, and play, and instead of perpetuating body objectification, standards of beauty, style or choreography, her aim is to dismantle body-shaming culture by encouraging the invitation of “come as you are, move as you wish”. At her core, she just loves to dance and has always believed that dance has the most transformative powers to connect, reclaim, and celebrate our bodies. Virgo Sun, Libra Rising. 4/6 Reflector. Instagram: @Jglowgirl