Intro to Cha Dao

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Wu De of Global Tea Hut, is coming back to NYC ! He will be teaching a variety of classes on the tradition of Cha Dao (Way of Tea).

This workshop is designed as an introduction to Bowl Tea Ceremony and is appropriate for both beginners and those experienced in tea practice.

We will share what it means to live a life of Tea, as well as some of the methods and tools needed to incorporate tea into your own practice. Wu De will be serving beautiful bowls of rare tea.

Space is limited.

*RSVP required

*Suggested donation sliding scale $45-65

All donations go towards the Taiwan Tea & Zen Center “Tea Sage Hut”, an open, free, gift-based project. We want tea to be accessible to all, so If you would like to inquire about a discounted rate or apply for a scholarship slot to reserve your spot please email