Into the Mists — Cornwall, England, May 8th-14th, 2023

about this event

Sacred earth. Sacred body. Sacred heart. Sacred dreams. Sacred story.

using breath to connect to it all

Join Eliza and others for a week of breathwork, healing & adventure in Cornwall England! We will be staying at the incredible Cabilla Retreat space, where the essence of wild and calm is filtered throughout this magical ecosystem.  

Experience 100 acres of temperate rainforest, famous for its air-purifying lichens. Press pause in wildflower meadows full of butterflies and walk alongside flowing rivers, which are pure enough to drink from and to bathe in.

Sleep under the stars and find your true nature…

  • Breathwork
  • Wild Swimming + Woodland Sauna
  • Creative writing and expression
  • Fire pits + Stargazing
  • Ocean visit with optional swim
  • Guided meditation connecting to local plants
  • Sacred dance and movement
  • Hike + Meditation on the Bodmin Moors
  • Sacred Ceremony in the Tor


Cornwall is a place rich in history and myth, where the lands hold a potent connection to a magic that sits dormant in our cells, ready to wake up and be used for the good of all.

On this retreat an emphasis will be placed on healing the relationship between each of our energy centers (chakras), bridging the lower with the upper in order to access and follow divine will.  

Working with the restorative power of nature to enliven and cultivate vitality & resilience in the body, we will ground into our connection to the cosmos and bridge together the sacredness of it all.

Vikings and faeries, priestesses and druids, elementals and knights of honor, along with dragons, the mists of Avalon, a wizard called Merlin, and the art of storytelling are all energies we will be playing with.

We invite you to join in this immersive experience where we will work with these energies as a group to create your story, whether that be for your own life or a story you want to share with the world. This retreat will focus on evoking heart-centered storytelling and the influence this has in creating the future world we all will be living in. 

Elliott Brinkley, Clinical Herbalist and owner of Dancing Willow Herbs an herbal apothecary in Durango, CO will be adding her expertise and passion in supporting us all in deepening our awareness and relationship with plants.

I am also working on bringing in some local teachers to help us engage more fully with this land and the waters that surround and weave through it. 

For all details and deatiled itinerary, please check out our website: