Intelligent Beauty: An Ayurvedic Perspective

about this event

As a medical system, Ayurvedic science provides a map of health so divine, that in its following, the human organism will illuminate as a prism, reflecting the infinite, million-fold world. In health, it is the beauty of the universe that we reflect. Āyurveda uses the traditions of diet and lifestyle practices and rhythm to understand how the human mind/body organism works and how to support it to function in such a way that ‘the you within the you’–the consciousness behind it all–emerges. 

You have been brainwashed to believe you have to seek God or seek Truth, as if either is something distinct from or outside of you. Similarly, you have been brainwashed to believe that health or beauty is something outside-of or separate from you. Actually, you are God, you are Truth, you are Health, and you are infinitely Intelligent and Beautiful; you simply need to remember. To do so, you must provide your body/mind (senses) with the proper inputs of diet, hydration, movement, rest, and thought patterning to awaken and restore the innate functionality of your body/mind. As a result, you will naturally express these inherent qualities.  

Just as when in full bloom a flower emits fragrance, when the energy of your body/mind is nourished and coordinated, it emits a subtle, substantive radiance, intelligence and beauty. If you take care of your mind/body with gentleness and respect, your true Self emerges, and your presence becomes palpable. It is your presence that speaks the splendor and magnificence of absolute, timeless beauty clearer than anything else.

In this free online class, you will learn:

  • brief background on Ayurvedic medicine
  • the foundations of Ayurvedic approach to understanding and sensing beauty
  • the three pillars of beauty: rūpaṁ , guṇaṁ and vayastyag (inner, outer and everlasting timeless)
  • the importance of well respected digestion and relience — known as agni and ojas in Ayurveda — for cultivating true beauty

*No previous knowledge of or experience with Ayurveda is necessary.

Registrants will have access to the Zoom recording audio for 2 weeks. 

This class is a great precursor to the Intelligent Beauty Group Programmes beginning mid-February. more information here: