Inner Light Women’s Retreat

about this event

To live our essence, to transmit and express the unique capacities we embody in this life, is to surrender to what we are; to remove all obstacles to the sacred song that is ours to sing.

It is to do the muddy work of descending into our depths and uprooting outdated belief systems, healing old wounds, integrating rejected parts of ourselves and welcoming all the rage and grief and pain that accompanies this initiation into the art of conscious becoming.

And simultaneously it is the sweet and tender and wildly joyful ascent into the light, into devotion – into love in all its expressions; through the body, through words and song and stillness.

It is the playful dance of balancing the feminine movement of down and in and the masculine movement of up and out. Darkness must be balanced by light; shadow by radiance; grief by joy.

These times call more than ever for the courage to find out, finally, what it truly means to be human and divine.

Join us in Spain for a 5-day deep dive into joy, inner truth, authentic connection, nature communion and sacred space!


Earlybird: €650 (until Feb. 28th)

Regular: €750