Inner Child “Play”Shop!

about this event

The Shift is hosting a 1 Day co-ed Mini-Retreat focused specifically on healing and connecting with our Inner Child! 


Inner Child healing is not some new age woo-woo hipster frivolity. It is a necessary step for every adult who does not want their lives to be controlled by the decisions of a child.

See, when we feel unsafe, rejected, ashamed or unloved as children, we carry those wounds in our psyche into adulthood. We often don’t even realize the unseen ways in which the decisions we made as children continue to shape the choices we make and the possibilities we see for ourselves as adults.

Learning how to work (and play) with your inner child may mean increasing your income potential, overcoming a relationship block, allowing more fun and freedom into your life, becoming more creative, having a breakthrough in your health and wellness, or it may result in a number of other insights and triumphs over the past.

This “play shop” also includes:

Kundalini Yoga


Cacao Ceremony

Transformational Coaching

Plant-based snacks and more!

You’ll meet new, like-minded people and walk away with lifelong transformational tools!