IN PERSON | Returning Home – Sound Bath

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“When you dwell in a

frequency that feeds you,

your frequency will naturally

reset your authenticity.”


Returning home means to attune to your authentic frequency. Prepare yourself to be guided back home through the deeply nourishing healing modality of sound. In this sound bath, you will be guided by Kate and bathed in frequencies that will regulate the nervous system, calm the physical body, and clear and restore natural harmony to the energy field.

Crystal Tone Alchemy Bowls, tuning forks, shruti box, crystal triangles, Koshi Chimes and Kate’s voice will create the soundscape of harmony and relaxation. All you have to do is simply lay down and receive the healing benefits of this healing practice.


Kate Schofield is an energy-based sound healer. She has spent the last 10 years healing and training in many different modalities in the Healing Arts. Kate’s passion is helping Highly Sensitive People and creatives move through this world with ease, access their highest gifts, and become the clearest channel for the creations that wish to be birthed through them.


“I love how Kate is very intentional on and off the mat, she is so thoughtful and mindful with this work. I am so thankful to have experienced her beautiful sound meditations. I felt like I was wrapped in a soft cocoon of vibrational healing with her soothing voice and crystals bowls. I would leave feel refreshed and relaxed as if I was sleeping on a bed of clouds.”

– Jennii Vo Le

I have always been very reluctant to get into, what I use to call “hippy shit”, But that was just my way of avoiding trying something different or something outside of what I “normally do” But when I had my first sound bath my “hippy shit” mentality quickly became what I needed in my life. Kate is sure of her practices & puts everyone at ease, Her teachings are transformative & my second sound bath with her was a huge breakthrough for me, I for the first time in my whole life had a completely empty mind, Not a single thought, Just the sound of the bowls & Kate’s voice. I will forever be indebted to Kate for that..”

— Hayley Warner

My experience with Kate’s sound meditation has been an extremely positive one. I have taken her in-person class as well as her zoom meditations. It’s a very calming, comforting and relaxing experience. I was recently in the hospital and dealing with a great amount of pain. I used some of her techniques to get me through the pain and I will always be grateful for her introducing me to this wonderful practice!”

– Nicole Baldwin