IN-PERSON: Human Design for Self Love with Hillary Jackendoff

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Sometimes called ‘Astrology 2.0,’ Human Design is a chart-based system of self-discovery that provides insights into your energetic bandwidth, decision-making strategies, your unique gifts and challenges, and how you are best-suited to attract aligned opportunities so you can find more ease and flow in daily life.

But most importantly, Human Design helps you embrace your natural way of being, and understand how limiting beliefs and self-judgment express in your chart. With these insights, you can begin to release should-based thinking and negative self-talk and expand into your authenticity, embodying deep self-acceptance and self-love.

In this engaging, interactive workshop, you’ll learn the basics of your Human Design bodygraph and how to step more fully into self-love, based on the mechanics of your energy body.

*Please bring a printed copy of your bodygraph to the workshop. You can obtain this (for free) via Please make sure to enter your birth details accurately. Please be mindful of whether the site requests AM/PM or 24 hour time.

FEB 11 | 6pm | In-Person at Unplug | $35


Hilary Jackendoff is an ashram-trained Yoga Nidra and meditation teacher, as well as a Human Design coach. She has been teaching meditation for over a decade, and exploring Human Design since 2019. Hilary’s work is dedicated to sharing accessible tools and grounded spiritual teachings to encourage self-inquiry so you can release stress and self-judgment and awaken self-love, inner ease, and joy.


Friday, Feb. 11 | 6-8pm | 35$

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