IN PERSON | Daoist Mysticism: A Sacred Science

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SATURDAY, JULY 16TH | 10AM – 12 PM | $30

This event will be an introduction into Daoist Mysticism. Nicholas will be covering the practical understanding and application of Daoist Mysticism; its origins, practices, and methods. He will also be covering his involvement in Daosim. How he got into Daoism, his part in his Daoist lineage, what he teaches to his Daoist students, and how much anyone can learn about Daoism by attending his classes.

Through this event Nicholas intends to de-mystify Daoist Mysticism. He will be explaining how this ancient practice can be applied in today’s world, by simplifying abstract topics that tend to confuse and mislead people on the subject. He hopes through this that people will have a better understanding of Daoism, to enrich those interest in Daoism with his knowledge, experience, practice, and application and to pursue it with confidence and assurance.

The event will conclude with Nicholas providing an easy to do Daoist Meditation for everyone. This is intended for the attendees to have a first-hand experience of the methodology he has shared

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