IN PERSON | “Broken Open”: Book Talk & Trauma Healing Guided Meditation

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Friday, December 17th | 7 PM

TIER 1: $25 (Book & Talk)

TIER 2: $50 (Book + Talk + Meditation)

TIER 3: $60 Early Bird, $75 Day Of (Book + Talk + Meditation + Animal Card Oracle Reading)

Intuitive Channel and Reiki Master Teacher Travis Taylor, aka “The Phoenix” is returning to Liberate after a severe accident earlier this year that hospitalized him for months, to talk about being broken open, and the chapter he wrote of the same title tin the book he cowrote with other mediums that was published last year. Travis doesn’t believe that challenges we face break us down or apart, but open. Open to possibility, love, deeper understanding, and more. Travis will be talking more about it during this talk, and offering a guided trauma healing visualization meditation as well as Animal Oracle card readings as part of this event. We can always learn from animals and connect with the spirit of an animal we are drawn to, for wisdom, guidance, and healing.

Travis was 33 when he first realized, during a reiki class, that he was clairvoyant, could channel information from the source, and see, hear, and communicate with the subtle energy systems that surround the human body with spiritual beings (angels, guides, animals, and loved ones on the other side). Since then, he’s been guided to learn several healing modalities to complement his reiki and energy healing practice that have helped people across the world identify and release the source of a health issue, create more wellness, and live more vibrant, happier and more soul-aligned lives.