IN PERSON | Become Worthy: Self-Love Workshop

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SATURDAY, JULY 30TH | 5 – 6:30PM | $25

Become Worthy is a self love workshop designed to teach you how to take back control of your life. By learning how to forgive yourself and discover the self love that already exists within your heart, you open yourself up to your innate worthiness.

During this workshop you will be guided through journaling, EFT tapping (tapping on specific points on the body to release stuck energy) along with a self forgiveness exercise to help you forgive the self limiting beliefs that have kept you feeling stuck and unworthy of greatness.

Join us to learn the power of self forgiveness and become worthy!



Bre Michelle is a Mindset Coach with a passion for spreading the importance of self love and prioritizing oneself. She helps people get to the root cause of self limiting beliefs, create a mindset shift, and reprogram the mind for increased confidence and clarity. She is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Techniques, and Life and Success Practitioner. Aside from coaching others, she enjoys practicing yoga, going for walks, and spending time at the beach.


“Bre is an amazing mindset coach. She’s got cheery and positive vibes. I loved the way she talked to me like a friend and dived in deeply into my issues such as fear of putting myself out there as an influencer, fearing others opinions and rejection and helped me become more confident in myself through her NLP and EFT techniques.” – Mariyam

“You’re a great resource for identifying bigger picture, internal blocks to your own success. Your holistic point of view is refreshing and differentiating.” – Audra

“Thank you for everything that you’ve taught me. You are very informative and resourceful. The time we worked together has allowed me to elevate.” – Kizzy