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….anyone and everyone who has a body and wants to move freely

Do you know what active vs. passive mobility refers to? Can you explain the difference between closed and open chain activities, and their respective utility? What are isometric, eccentric, and concentric contractions, and how do they apply to the current culture of movement? If you are a teacher, a dancer, a student of any form of movement, having an awareness of this terminology is considerably useful. It’s also VERY SIMPLE. Let’s have a discussion and explore the topic of movement. Let’s take what we’ve discussed and put it into action, and see how it feels in our body. A reframing, a reorientation of the ways we move is underway. Come improve the way you move. Lets Play!!! ALL LEVELS welcome!!!

“Yoga is the love of my life. It’s my deepest motivation. It moves and drives the actions I take, and it lights up the lens through which I see the world. I love the precision of Iyengar, and the way in which it aligns the body. I appreciate equally the freedom and creativity Vinyasa offers, and the way Asana can become a dance once the poses are understood. I blend the two together, and offer an intelligent and fun experience. I am a constant learner and an avid student, and am always taking what I learn into what I teach.”

– Matt Phippen