Ignite Your Mission | Breath Work & Sound Bath

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Sunday, March 1st | 7 – 8:30PM | $40 EARLY BIRD, $50 DAY OF

We are all on this earth for a reason. Discovering our mission, purpose, and passion in life is often the most important job that we will ever do. When we are living aligned with our mission, life flows with ease bringing us more fulfillment and joy. When we have yet to find our mission, often simply getting through the day can be a challenge.

Our mission often goes far beyond our career choices. It fuels everything that we do in life and becomes the driving force behind our day to day experiences. Mission often motivates us when we need it the most and ignites us when we feel tired, numb, or disillusioned.

The great news is that our mission and purpose is sitting just under the surface waiting for us to clear the clutter and to acknowledge it once and for all. It welcomes us with open arms. It comes at different times for various people and it is always connected to how we can serve others. Once we focus on serving, we too, receive great rewards as a result.

It is said that once we discover our mission, we will never work another day in our life. 

If you are already deeply connected to your mission, join us for this powerful session to magnify and align with it even more. If you’ve been struggling to find meaning, this event will connect you to something larger than yourself…the precise reason you are here…your deeper meaning, purpose, and mission!

Jay Bradley will guide you through a beautiful combination of Pranayama breath, an ancient healing practice of Ho’Oponopono, followed by a healing Soundbath with Bella. The three-part breath allows us to access and release subconscious and emotional blockages in the body. This practice is powerful at healing emotional wounds, releasing stress, and inviting a deep sense of presence and gratitude.

Once in this state, the healing Soundbath will take you even deeper into an immersive, meditative and beautiful journey with sound. The orchestration of instruments including quartz crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, a gong, ocean drum and chimes, will ease your body into a deeper state of calm, activating the central nervous system to naturally heal the mind, body and soul. 

Share in this unforgettable and life-shifting Breath and Sound experience with Bella and Jay!


Bella Rivera is a Soundbath guide, healer and yoga teacher in Los Angeles focused on creating experiences for individuals to connect to themselves and one another. She deeply believes in the power of Soundbaths, meditation and yoga to cultivate a healthy dialogue with the inner being, turning inward to connect with the mind, soul and body. She creates a safe space for individuals from all walks of life to explore and align to their truest, most beautiful self.
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Jay Bradley is a leading Breathwork coach and the creator of the hand-blended chakra-igniting Chakra Balms. He is passionate about using the breath as a life-changing tool to help others find balance in Body, Mind, and Spirit. Jay’s heart-centered Breathwork courses and certifications help transform and inspire others to take charge of their own lives to become happy and live well.

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