Hypnosis & Reiki New Moon Event for Women

about this event

The New Moon is upon us! Please join us for a dynamic Hypnosis & Reiki New Moon Event on Sunday, April 19th, 2020!

Hypno-Reiki: What is it?

Hypno-Reiki is a healing modality that beautifully combines the two very powerful healing therapies, Hypnosis and Reiki. When both methods are used in collaboration, the healing potential that can be achieved with a Hypno-Reiki session is profound. Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation, or altered state of consciousness created by focused attention. Reiki is a healing practice originated in Japan, and is a non-invasive, gentle modality which translates to “spiritually guided life force energy”. Hypno-Reiki has been found to be extremely effective in producing healing on all levels of one’s being.

New Moon: Beginning

The New Moon is for planting seeds and setting intentions for our dreams, goals and wishes. It is an opportunity to take ownership for what we want to manifest and to commit to the actions, thoughts and behaviors necessary to get us there. It is a time to give and receive – to form community.

Surround yourself with women like you for this full-power event!


*Powerful techniques to set in motion your desires

*Group rituals for activating your confidence and drive

*A safe space for sharing, connecting and healing

*SPECIAL Hypno-Reiki to transmute your positive thoughts into reality

What to bring:

-A journal and pen

-A pillow to sit on

-A blanket

-Wear comfortable/warm clothing and socks

Surround yourself with divine feminine energy and set in motion the goals of your dreams! Together let’s illuminate our innate power to rise to the next level in our lives!



*GUEST healer: Veronica Gruba, Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression

veronicagruba.com // @vtown


**your attendance automatically puts you in the running for THREE chances to win New Moon gifts!**

SPACE IS LIMITED. Secure your spot now!

I look forward to harnessing this potent collective energy and creating an intentional space with you.

(This is a cat friendly home. Unit letter D upstairs)

xx Niki Cozmo C.Ht, RMT

Hypnotherapist & Reiki Master

About Niki Cozmo, C.Ht, RMT

Through an array of modalities, Niki’s hands-on approach allows her clients to explore their inner tranquility and innate confidence, ultimately inviting greater freedom into their lives. Maintaining the wisdom that no two snowflakes are identical, Niki customizes her approach for each unique event. With Niki’s encouraging support, you will undoubtedly feel the unraveling of any and all imbalances in your life, resulting in deeper self-awareness and heightened openness and love. Niki holds diploma’s in Past Life Regression Therapy, Hypnosis & PTSD, Reiki Mastery, Love Attraction Coaching and Thai Massage. She also attended college for Mind-Body Psychology and currently studies Advanced Hypnotherapy.

For more information, visit www.nikicozmo.com // @nikicozmo